Our mission is to create connections between people and animals and to bring comfort, interaction, stimulation and joy to people who would otherwise not have access to pets in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

As a PAWS volunteer, you should be prepared to:

• Perform your volunteer duties to the best of your ability
• Visit a minimum of once every 2 months or 6 visits per calendar year (Practical visits are counted within the calendar year)
• Protect your rights and the rights of the clients by maintaining confidentiality
• Be an ambassador for PAWS
• Provide a safe environment for the clients, yourself and your pet.
Thank-you for sharing your time and joy of animals with others.

Making a Commitment

When you book a visit, you are making a commitment to the venue, the clients and the PAWS program. It is critical that you make 100% effort to be at the visit. Mark it in your calendar right away and set reminders if needed. One of the most common concerns expressed about volunteers in general is their unreliability.
Before you commit yourself, you should carefully consider all that is involved. Changing your mind later often has widespread impact.
Before making a commitment please consider:
• The assignment description. The venue, the clients and the time needed for the visit. Make sure you clearly understand what is expected of you.
• Your values, ethics and goals. These should not conflict with the venue you are visiting.
• Your contributions – will it be meaningful to you?
• Home and business commitments. You should also consider if and how these are liable to change in the future.
• Travel Time and method
• Your available times. Don’t over commit yourself!
• What provisions can be made if there is a need to change or alter the commitment.