PAWS for People (Pets And Wellness Society)

Becoming a member

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the PAWS for People team.

The following steps outline the progression of events and requirements.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Steps must be completed in the order they appear below.

  • Animals must be at least 14 months of age at the time of the PAWS course
  • Animals can be prescreened after 10 months of age (tentative acceptance)
  • Animals must have been owned by the handler for at least 1 year to complete the course
  • Proof of Up to Date Vaccinations is required (Rabies is mandatory); Titers are accepted if approved by a Veterinarian
  • Handler must be 18 years old


Process of becoming a team member

Step 1: This step is optional and used if someone is wanting to see what a PAWS team does for a visit.  Can be completed after the Pre-Screen (step 2).  Make arrangements to complete a shadow visit and accompany one of our current teams on a visit. The purpose of this visit is to allow you to see a snapshot of what a PAWS team does on a visit, so that you have an idea of what the future may hold should you continue through the screening/training process. (your animal companion does NOT come on this introductory visit).

Step 2: You and your animal companion will attend a pre-screen evaluation, approximately 15 minutes in length, where you and your companion animal will be evaluated for suitability as a PAWS team. You will be required to provide a copy of your vaccinations at the time of the prescreen, or an appointment within the next 90 days.

  • Book your appointment by using the Sign Up Genius (fill out the contact form below and you will be added to the list for the next confirmed pre screen test)
  • Cost for pre-screen is $10.00 (paid via emt prior to the evaluation)

Upon successful completion of the pre-screen, you will be provided paperwork for PAWS (RCMP check, AHS paperwork, etc).  This paperwork is required to be a PAWS team member.  All paper is due one week prior to the course date.   Prescreens are valid for one year.

Step 3: You and your companion animal will attend a training weekend.

Cost for the training weekend is $50.00, paid one week prior to the course.  No refunds will be provided as space is limited and if you cancel we do not have the ability to fill your spot on short notice.

Step 4: Complete 3 to 6 practicum visits at the venue(s) within 6 months of completing the course.  For the practicum visits you and your companion animal will be accompanied by one of our current PAWS persons.  Each visit will be evaluated, and you will receive that input immediately from the PAWS team member and/or the venue staff representative. You are required to visit at least 2 different venues and have at least 2 different supervisors.

Step 5: Work with the venues you have chosen to schedule visits.

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Expectations for Visits:

  • 6 visits are required each year to remain an active PAWS team (At least 1 visit every 2 months; or 3 visits every 6 months)
  • Report all visits with your animal to PAWS

Other Expectations:

  • Provide all vaccination records when they are due to the coordinator
  • Inform the coordinator if you can no longer fulfill your obligations as a PAWS team member.
  • Attend 1 or more PAWS team meetings per year to get updates on activities at various venues, on initiatives underway, and to contribute to making important decisions regarding PAWS for People in Fort McMurray.
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