Natalie, Coordinator Adult Day Program

PAWS has a wonderful impact! Our furry friends, are non-judgmental and always happy to see our group. I can see them lifting the spirits of those they visit. They also provide an opportunity to connect with the handler through memories and stories from their past. We are grateful to all the teams and animals for…

Sara, Recreation Therapist, Addictions and Mental Health

When the dogs or cats arrive, our clients light up and start getting excited. The clients love to pet and play with the animals and it often helps bring the clients out of their shell and they are able to relax. We have nothing but positive feedback every time they visit.

Harriet Lavoie
our regular client

I loved getting to meet some of the amazing dogs at two of the Fort McMurray Experience evenings this June.
Getting to sit and pet some of these dogs and chat with their handlers definitely made me feel more relaxed.

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